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this is deja vu news live from berlin toronto police questioned the suspect in monday's deadly van attack ten people are dead after a twenty five year old plowed a van through a busy city street the motive is not clear but police say they have found no links to organized terrorist groups so far also coming up. helping the victims of war torn syria a fund raising conference hosted by the e.u. and the u.n. starts that i as a brutal syrian conflict enters its eighth year we'll go live to our correspondent
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in brussels. as president ultron poses a first ever state visit for the french president we ask the french people living in washington did see what they expect from the two leaders wrong they've been. born. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us. toronto police are investigating the motive of a man who plowed a van into the desk varian's ten people were killed on a busy street in the city center at least sixteen others were injured the suspect fled the scene but was arrested a short while later after a standoff with police. the onslaught started as crowds emerged for their lunch break a white rental van mounted the sidewalk and drove at high speed into pedestrians leaving a trail of destruction. the rampage stretched for almost two kilometers as witnesses
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described scenes of carnage. he just went on the sidewalk you just started getting everybody here every single person on the sidewalk anybody in israel you would hit the bus stop everything was shattered one by one one by one holy god i've never seen a scene like this in one life and there was bodies on the ground in front of the last man where the sidewalk is clearly way into the. to the sidewalk and there was four bodies on the ground police and the ambulance hadn't arrived yet but people were trying to revive them very sad day for toronto i mean this is unbelievable police were quick to react locating the white van and subduing the driver without firing a shot the alleged attacker was named as twenty five year old alec manasse and police said he was not linked to any terror group. the actions definitely look deliberate and at this particular point in time there's nothing that does affect
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the national security footprint we are looking very strongly to what the exact motive the motivation was for this particular incident to take place in the dozens of victims were treated on the street before being rushed to hospital. many could not be saved. the attack brought to run to a to a standstill downtown streets were closed for hours as were several subway stations this kind of tragic incident is not representative of how we live or who we are are anything to do with life in this city on a day to day basis it's the latest attack in recent years in which a vehicle has been used as a weapon in cities including nice berlin london new york and moves to toronto has now been added to that tragic list. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today the former bosnian serb leader radovan karat ish as long as multiple convictions for genocide more cross
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use started has insisted the serve forces acted in self defense is also asking that his forty year prison term be overturned by the u.n. war crimes tribunal. congratulations have been pouring in from around the world for the birth of the latest british royal baby the duchess of cambridge and her husband prince william have returned home to kensington palace with their third child it's a boy the little prince is fifth in line to the throne his name has not yet been released. the former u.s. president george h.w. bush is said to be recovering after he was hospitalized in houston for an infection that was just a day after his wife barbara's funeral a ninety three year old has a form of parkinson's and has received treatment a number of times in recent years respiratory problems. it's to the
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conflict in syria now which is entering its eighth year the toll on that country has been horrific it's impossible to give an exact number but the london based syrian observatory for human rights estimates that more than half a million civilians rebels and government soldiers have been killed since the start of the war there some nineteen thousand of those killed were children and as an other words owns it's the youngest who are the most of all of vulnerable more than eleven million syrians have been forced to flee their homes six point one million are displaced within syria and about five and a half million other syrians have fled to other countries. in brussels right now the united nations and the european union are co-hosting the seventh annual international donor conference for war torn syria officials at the two day event are hoping to beat last year's pledge of five and
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a half billion euros on the syrian war for human escalated after a suspected chemical weapons attack in duma earlier this month western states blamed damascus for carrying out terrorist frights and carried out rather airstrikes against government sites and tell you the e.u. estimates some thirteen million syrians are in need of aid for the very latest i'm joined now by garrick matis our correspondent in brussels a what's this conference about exactly and who's going to be in attendance the object of crime here is of course gather much needed money for humanitarian aid in syria so put it in a nutshell it is basically a donor conference but it also focuses on finding new solutions political and more practical solutions such day you have about two hundred non-governmental organizations looking at concrete steps how to make that humanitarian aid make
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rebuilding parts of syria where there is no actual car current civil war ongoing more more bring them bringing them forward and then tomorrow you have about eighty delegations of mainly foreign ministers coming into brussels looking at a political solutions for the future of a peaceful syria a garret the e.u. says it wants to use a call as a revitalize the the u.s. led peace process peace process at this donor's conference how do they want to go about doing that. well the key something bloc here is bringing russia to the negotiating table bringing those countries like for iran for instance as well those countries who have massive influence in this proxy war if you want to call it that in syria to the negotiating table the key objective is the geneva of the u.n. let's geneva talks a forum to bring about a cease fire in syria and the only leverage that the european union really has is
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money is money donations to a rebuild the country in the past since the beginning of the civil war the european union has invested ten point six billion euros into a humanitarian aid and now fredricka more greeny of the foreign. policy to the the foreign policy chief of the european union that is what she is officially called has said there is more money in line for syria but only if these talks in geneva are restarted and it's a clear message for russia if you want an invitation come and join us at this table and we will help you rebuild the country once the war is over ok with russia figuring so much as you just mentioned what about these suspected chemical attack in duma earlier this month how does that figure in with the attempts to for example revitalize the peace process. it has of course not exactly helped to
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improve the relations here with russia some say the same goes for the air strikes and it may be a reason that russia is not sending its foreign minister but only the e.u. ambassador participating at this conference on the other hand some have made the argument look these airstrikes have also helped to show determination on the part of the west that basically supporting the these air strikes as a sign look if you want to find a solution for the future of this country we will be on board york thanks so much for that you have much more from brussels as the e.u. and u.n. conference gets underway there. or when u.s. president visited france last year he was given the red carpet treatment and now he's returning the favor french president among those on a three day state visit after an elegant dinner the two leaders will be getting down to business a test of whether they can save the iran nuclear deal will be a top of the agenda as well as avoiding
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a transatlantic trade war now w.'s claire richardson is in washington she asked french residents there what they want to come out of this meeting. washington d.c. turns two kinds of red white and blue when the president of france comes to town donald trump is hosting his first state visit pulling out all the stops for his french counterpart. their relationship has been called everything from a bromance to a marriage of convenience but no matter which way you look at it french president emmanuel micron and u.s. president donald trump seem like an unlikely pair one is a young globalist the other a seventy one year old with nationalist instincts so how did it to form such a close personal relationship. some experts say it comes down to their common backgrounds in business and as outsiders so it's paradoxical that they get along so well given how different they are on the surface but at the same time they. self-made political men you know that come from outside the establishment that were
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elected when nobody expected that and you know they really shared this experience but how did the french feel about having a president who has been called the trump whisperer. these d.c. locals want to see them work to get there. i think it's a better as for him for us and for everybody to get something out of redeveloped you have to bend over a little bit president from who knows that it's going to be. the u.s. and europe in general and i think prison. what else do they expect to see from trump during the two leaders ron davis in d.c. . so we'll see if we go. if we get another cherry blossom. we'll have to wait and see whether his charm offensive can reap rewards. italy's
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highest court has ruled against releasing a boat belonging to a german aid group that's been seized by authorities the crew of the u. venta said that they had been helping to rescue margaret's in the mediterranean last august the coast guard boarded and took control of the boat off the telly an island of lampedusa telling prosecutors say there was evidence that this a group had colluded with people traffickers to transfer migrants directly to the vessel the event the berlin based charity has disputed the charges in the case at reach now italy's highest court the majority of migrants who are rescued at sea are picked up by private n.g.o.s but italy has been cracking down on such operations last year interior ministry issued a new code of conduct that several aid organizations have refused to sign and one of them is the group that runs the u.n.
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so. i'm joined now by yulia momentary r d correspondent in rome yulia thanks for being with us what can you tell us about the court's verdict well italy's highest court decided to dismiss the appeal of the german n.-g. o. you're going to get that that means that their rescue ship event that will stay and the impoundment in concrete words this means that the ship has to stand it has to stay in the harbor off top and he insisted it cannot return in the sea between libya and italy to rescue human life as they would like to do ok you can about that that's the n.g.o.s the group that that owns the boat youth rescues the translation there how have they reacted to this verdict from middle east court. i've just spoken to one of the members of the german and geo union pocket he is in the in the court right now here in rome with his lawyer he they have just seen the verdict and he told me he's very disappointed by this verdict he sees it as
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a wrong signal from from a from italy's highest court and specially looking at the situation from the last they saw in the mediterranean sea that it's getting more and more difficult dangerous for migrants to cross he he is very disappointed and he's very angry because of this verdict when we consider that the majority of migrants who are rescued at sea are picked up by by n.g.o.s what is this burning for the situation in the mediterranean moving forward. but the situation if we look to the situation it's still very tense it seems that there are many migrants waiting in libya to cross to see they want to come to italy we see that the total numbers compared to last year the day got back but we can see that. compared to those who are trying to come over more of them die so we can see that the situation is getting more and more they injure us because they're less ships are circulating down there
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rescuing the migrants moments are with us from rome thanks very much for that. this is still to come on the show arranging women showing their muscle the country's female weight lifting team they've been given permission by the nation's supreme leadership council to compete abroad for the very first time. so over. five years since the raw disaster in bangladesh run the collapse of a multi-story building killing over eleven hundred garment workers shed a painful light on the working conditions in the industry the accidents all brands unions and government set up initiatives to improve factory safety however many workers still work at their own peril researchers say in this fight some financial compensation many victims of the rana plaza disaster feel left alone.
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every step hurts and she hasn't been able to walk without crutches for five years. need was working as a seamstress at ronna plaza when the nine story building collapsed pinning her legs under the rubble for ten hours the compensation she received thirty five hundred euros wasn't enough to cover her multiple operations her family has had to scrimp and save. what i want compensation from the government none of the affected workers have been properly compensated they give us hardly anything what happened to all the aid money that came from abroad we need that money. there was a powerful outcry from the international community after the disaster working conditions in bangladesh improved a bit for the garment workers the owners addressed safety issues and improve the
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structural integrity benton's month from in kota clean clothes campaign says that another round of plans a could happen at any time in bangladesh although there has been some progress kind of. foot there's no way all the factories in bangladesh are party to this agreement and not all the hazards have been sorted but there's been some serious progress on safety it's much safer than the year run a plaza collapsed it covers structural safety fire safety and it's partly due to the fact that the buyers had to fork out along with the suppliers to ensure the safety regulations are enforced. the textile industry freely decides whether or not to produce sustainably or offer fair working conditions germany's development ministry set up the textile partnership following the run a plaza disaster but only fifty percent of german textile companies are members of the agreement on factory structural safety and seen a few days but one signature is missing from the follow up agreement that of the
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bangladeshi government. and activists also wanted to be obligatory for employers to. their employees accident insurance cover. so that people like needle for big don't have financial worries to add to their problems. from bangladesh to the united states who are many have been eyeing a tech giant alphabet the google parent company saw a steep rise in quarterly profits they jumped more than seventy percent compared to the same time the previous year to nine point four billion dollars alford was able to charge higher prices for online advertising the results belied expectations from some analysts that rival facebook's cambridge analytical data scandal would scare away internet advertisers the company also profited from the u.s. government's most recent tax reform. let's get more from garbo's in standing by the frankfurt stock exchange conrad how are those figures going down on the market.
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because of the share price of of alphabet here in frankfurt trading is higher but not very much because there were a couple of one off affects in this earnings report for example. that had to book due to a new accounting rule all its equity earnings and all its equity holdings much more precisely than in the past this added a huge amount of money to the balance sheet but of course this also means that future earnings increases will not be as high as this one because this only happened once this accounting story also points to something else alice funded by much more and more difficult to analyze and to look into alphabet it has become such a congo armor it's such a huge business with so many investments and so many business feels it's impossible to predict what's going to happen in future and of course the privacy discussion
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the discussion about data data security and potential abuse of data by companies like alphabet only is adding to this problem. in frankfurt thank you. french auto maker p.s.a. the company which makes page one hundred cause revenue shoot up by over forty percent in the first quarter and that's because of additional sales coming in from the new p.s.a. brand opel the german automaker has failed to make profits for more than fifteen years under its former owner of general motors and this performance under appears a has not approved p.s.a. plans cuts at opel the workers are protesting. company transports continue to arrive at opal's factory in eisenach but that could change soon opals french owner p.s.a. is looking to cut ships and reduce its workforce by eight hundred employees about half the workforce here a potential disaster for eyes and. this will be catastrophic for the region because
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it affects not only opel but a number of suppliers sized those eight hundred jobs don't reflect the whole picture. so affected the city the central shopping district. the local economy will collapse because there won't be any money that will happen if they lay off those eight hundred people it's tragic. posted losses for two decades under its previous owner g.m. . new owner p.s.a. is looking to make opel more competitive that was the goal announced in two thousand and seventeen. is this our clear plan is to cut out forced redundancies we want to keep our existing plants in europe and modernize them. as well as develop a plan to make each location competitive that. these commitments however don't seem to apply to eisenach for mayor of this about face
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from p.s.a. comes as a surprise. we expect t.s.a. to keep its promises to uphold the collective wage agreements and honor the investments they pledged to us in off. higher wage agreements negotiated between the metal workers union and g.m. coupled with recent salary hikes of three point seven percent make it harder to restructure opel. industry experts fed in and didn't have it warns that opel plants could be in jeopardy human done. i don't see how the p.s.a. group which is used to working with large plants will be able to deal with the higher wage structures coming into place with these two plants the threat for eisenach and cost as loughton has never been as big as it is now. the opel crisis in eisenach comes during a period of robust economic growth regionally there are some three thousand job
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they can seize perhaps one small consolation for opel employees here. it's around now where women's rights are severely restricted but in some areas there is easing of the rules for there isn't deed kristoffer you know a rare concession by the iranian regime a team of female with a weightlifters has recently been given permission to compete abroad in international competitions for the very first time these young girls are travelling to the news and junior championships inspectors than our correspondent caught up with the team members in tehran just before they left for the turn. it's training time in this gym in west done to run what champions have pumped iran for decades weights at just the heaviest they look at for nasm the other girls lifting them is that dream come true. my dad was a weightlifter i've loved the sport ever since i was
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a child and i watched every competition hard by the member of us so as soon as it was possible i started lifting weights myself. and is proud to continue the family tradition and to passion has paid off. she's the strongest of the four girl two so far. the brains behind the goal success has this office just one floor higher than i lead what i do he is president of iran's weightlifting association and perhaps the gulf biggest fan he says there should be a difference between men and women in his sport. well. we have many iranian men who have many championship titles on our record holders in the field of weightlifting. the word strongest man right now is an iranian. soon as we want to achieve the same with our women. we hope that in the future not
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the far future i'm talking about the olympics of twenty twenty four that the iranian women can add to these glories with over. one hundred. to make that happen the girls work hard every day just like the men they live in the compound of the association under close supervision by dr coaches. in just a few months we've come a long way. from over. time when they don't have any experience yet next year they'll do very well in competitions for sure i mean. that's for now we just want them to build up confidence. after all this is their first international competition i met him up and. i had to go to. the others excited to leave to run for this biggest it's
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a historic first for the girls and female weightlifters all together. marry me do not have to date as you kid what men can do women can do too in the first five or six months since we started weightlifting we've already broken more than half of the women's weightlifting records that's glorious well almost without me if the caught it. they plan to continue at this week's tournaments and beyond confident well prepared and determined to show the world how strong iranian women can be. because you're mine are now of our top stories this hour the suspect in the apparently deliberate attack in toronto as they do appear in court later today ten people were killed another fifteen were injured after the man drove into desperate busy city street police are investigating the driver's motive but have so far downplaying any links to terrorists. a conference hosted by the e.u.
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and the un is underway to drum up new aid pledges for war torn syria as that brutal conflict enters its. millions are internally displaced or have fled the country. france president obama. washington on a three day state visit to the u.s. . president trump old high level meetings today they're expected to focus on trade and the iran nuclear deal it is the first state visit of the trump presidency. this is the news live from berlin i'm brian thomas with the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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on. what's it like to languish in a brazilian prison. emerson for experienced change and lived to tell the tale. today of the twenty nine year old uses his experience to mourn other young people. he shows in the harsh realities of hopelessly overcrowded institutions and helps teach them about trying to give students. a little three thousand next g.w. . it enhanced human perception and changed the world. i had a wonderful experience but i have no idea where it came from. a city and
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a chemist how about hoffman dedicated his discovery to medicine but it quickly spun out of control as a hardy drug. the substance albert hall finds l.s.d. . in forty five minutes on the. good in fighting for the kids to take you seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up women's tour. for zero nine more talks smart states the legend brain creasing lean dangerous time the two w. for mom. philosopher and pop star adored them despised karl marx icon of communism a man whose ideas changed the world but also divided it how relevant is he today and what influence does he have on politics and general culture on his two
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hundredth birthday karl marx and arts twenty one special in the documentary marx and his. d.w. . welcome to global three thousand this week we're giving a voice to people who rarely have one too many young men in brazil end up in jail what's the solution. in zambia so.


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